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8th Edition Species List is released

The 8th Edition of A Taxonomic Listing of Benthic Macro- and Megainvertebrates from Infaunal and Epibenthic Monitoring Programs in the Southern California Bight is now available. It is in searchable PDF format. This edition is expected to remain available until it is superceded by the fully online species database later this year. NOTE: for a brief time on July 1–2, 2013 there was a copy of Edition 8 posted here with a minor omission (one reference). The current copy supercedes that initial posting. No other non-typographic changes were made between copies.

Upcoming SCAMIT Meetings

Thursday 17 April 2014 9:30–3:30
Taxonomic Database Tool and Chaetozone species at SCCWRP. NOTE: Thursday meeting date.

Larry Lovell will present an overview, demo, and official launch of the Taxonomic Database Tool (TDT) in the AM and Tony Phillips will present an overview of the genus Chaetozone in the polychaete family Cirratulidae. For those who cannot attend, the conference room at SCCWRP has video/audio conferencing capabilities and I will forward the information on how to connect prior to the meeting.
If you plan to attend, please send me an email (llovell@lacsd.org) to confirm by Monday, April 14 so that I will have a head count for lunch. Bring your own lunch or partake of the catered lunch which usually runs $8.00.

Questions? Contact: Leslie Harris at lharris@nhm.org or Larry Lovell at llovell@lacsd.org.

Upcoming Meetings of Interest

June 22 – 27, 2014
Mollusca 2014: The Meeting of the Americas at Universidad National Autónoma de Mexico campus, Mexico City

The American Malacological Society, the Asociación Latinoamericana de Malacología, the Sociedad de Malacología de México, and the Western Society of Malacologists cordially invite you to attend the first ever malacological Meeting of the Americas!
Mollusca 2014 will be the first joint meeting of the four host mollusk societies of the Americas. It will be held at the Library Complex Amoxcalli in the Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City.
DEADLINES: End of reduced registration fees: 31 March 2014; End of abstract submission: 15 April 2014
Updated information will be available at:

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Delonovolva aequalis
Delonovolva aequalis

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