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Publication Grants

Planning a taxonomic publication? SCAMIT can help! SCAMIT has a Taxonomic Publication Grants program that can help defray material costs of publication. Please feel free to apply!

Upcoming SCAMIT Meetings

Tuesday 1 December 2015 9:00–4:00
Bight ’13 Non-Polychaete Synoptic Data Review at SCCWRP in Costa Mesa

The Bight SDR meetings give SCAMIT important feedback on our regional taxonomic standardization (or lack thereof) across all phyla. This review information will be used to guide future monthly meeting topics. We will also continue the process we began, to review and update toolbox documents for the meeting topic group. Another idea for improving standardization during these meetings is being discussed. The Bight ’13 voucher collections can be used as review materials at these meetings. The lack of voucher collection review for previous Bight programs has been viewed as a weakness. Since Bight voucher collections are being deposited at NHMLAC, assuring that names are correct would be in the museum’s interest. The logistics of voucher review will need careful planning should this idea be implemented.

Questions? Contact: Leslie Harris at lharris@nhm.org or Larry Lovell at llovell@lacsd.org.

Upcoming Meetings of Interest

November 17 – 20 November 2015
Syllidae Workshop — Florida Association of Benthologists at Tampa’s Marine Lab on Tampa Bay

Registration deadline: 13 November 2015, limited to 25 participants.
We are pleased to have Dr. Guillermo San Martin from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid leading our workshop this year. The workshop registration is $125.00 for FAB members; $160.00 for non-members and $75.00 for students.
More information at: http://www.flbenthos.org

July 10 – 16 2016
3rd International Workshop on Symbiotic Copepoda (IWOSC) on Heron Island, Australia

This ​workshop​ will be led by international experts and​ will​ include seminars, practical workshop​s​ and ​local field ​ collections. It will also include one day dedicated to symbiotic Isopoda.​​ Please contact our local organizer Dr Kate Hutson <kate.hutson@jcu.edu.au> with your expression of interest to register. Don't wait, spaces are limited!!! Feel free to distribute the attached flyer to students, colleagues or anyone working in related fields.
More information at: https://sites.google.com/site/iwosc2016/
I look forward to seeing some of you on Heron Island next year. Thanks,
Julianne Kalman Passarelli, Ph.D.

July 23 – 5 August 2016
12th International Polychaete Conference at the National Museum Wales, Cardiff

More information is available at the conference website. Note that early-bird registration will be available between January and March 2016.

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Delonovolva aequalis
Delonovolva aequalis

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