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9th Edition Species List is released

The 9th Edition of A Taxonomic Listing of Benthic Macro- and Megainvertebrates from Infaunal and Epibenthic Monitoring Programs in the Southern California Bight is now available. It is in searchable PDF format. This edition is expected to remain available until it is superceded by the fully online species database.

Upcoming SCAMIT Meetings

Monday 27 April 2015 9:30–3:30
Special polychaete meeting: Alitta and Marphysa species complexes at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Polychaete Collection Room.

Tulio Villalobos-Guerrero and Isabel Molina-Acevedo will speak to SCAMIT about their master’s research. Tulio examined the Alitta succinea complex while Isabel did the same for the Marphysa sanguinea complex. Both of them found that the cosmopolitan status of these species did not hold up under scrutiny.
As usual with visitors, they would appreciate specimens (especially in alcohol) they can examine & perhaps borrow. Tulio has already found 2 undescribed species of Alitta on this coast.
As an added bonus to the meeting we will have boxes of reprints for members to sort through. Daniel Geiger is removing duplicates from the SBMNH IZ’s library. He very kindly offered to donate the worm papers to the NHM Polychaete Section for us to keep, give away, or toss. The majority of papers he has pulled out so far have been non-poly which we are not interested in keeping. Bring plastic bags to take away your share! Anything left over is destined for the nearest recycling center.
Even more generously, Daniel is going to donate up to a dozen copies of his scissurellid monograph to SCAMIT members. They will be available at the meeting as well. I’ve attached a review of this magnificent work.
Please contact Leslie Harris for instructions on parking and getting into the NHM:
email: exogone@hotmail.com
phone: 213-763-3234
cell: 626-755-5444

Questions? Contact: Leslie Harris at lharris@nhm.org or Larry Lovell at llovell@lacsd.org.

Upcoming Meetings of Interest

May 15 – 16, 2015
Southern California Academy of Sciences at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles CA

More information is available at the SCAS website.

June 25 – 28, 2015
48th Annual Meeting of the Western Society of Malacologists at Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton CA

More information is available at the conference website.

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Delonovolva aequalis
Delonovolva aequalis

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